Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who I Am

My name is Romeo Moses, at least until I was adopted. My new name is Wilson Romeo Oliveras, Jr. I was born in Albany December 19, 1997. I really don’t know much about my life when I was living with my biological parents in the Bronx because I’ve pretty much lived my whole life with my adoptive parents since I was 2 months old. It’s not really that bad; except that kids wonder why I have white parents (actually they’re Puerto Rican). Besides, my adoptive parents told me why I was adopted as soon as I started the 1st grade. I didn’t understand how it was so important until I visited my parents in the agency. I was only 6 at the time, but I was smart enough to see how much they loved me.

My life started with meeting people that’s part of my new family, but I wasn’t used to giants looking at me with big eyeballs, tongues twisted, or faces that seem like they’re trying to make fun of me. A couple of my new family members lived in the same house that I was living in now so I got used to them and treated them like my real family. I haven’t really worried much about where my real family was, but I haven’t forgotten the most important parts that they marked in my history.

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