Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rico and Yoni

Have you ever seen a Maltese? They have white, long fur & a small pink/black nose. I have one, her name is Susie. Since we didn’t want her to be bored & lonely, we decided to borrow another person’s dog so she could have kids. We found a lady with a Bishop and got permission to use him. His name was Chachi. They would fight every time Chachi tried to mate with her, so it took a while. After Susie got tired of fighting, they finally mated with each other. We were very excited when Susie was crying and inhaling & exhaling very heavily. We took the hint and started getting prepared with all the provisions that a guy told us in YouTube. The first puppy came out alive. He was so cute. But unfortunately, my dad waited too long to cut the umbilical cord, so he died. After my big sister came from New Jersey, we fired my dad from the job he was supposed to do and hired my sister to keep the puppies alive this time. We named the puppy Rico (since we’re Puerto Rican, we took out Puerto from “Puerto Rico” and named him Rico). This happened April 23, 2010.
The next day, Susie had her period again so we predicted she would more puppies. The third puppy came out dead (with no need to charge my father this time)...maybe because she was in the abdomen too long. The fourth puppy came out alive. But you wouldn’t believe how she came out (OMG!!! LOL!!!). First the head showed a little, it had some black goo on it. Then, right before you think its going to come out like a cherub, POP!!! Next thing you know there’s a puppy carried by the wind 3 feet in the air. At the same time, you can hear a sharp, pierce cry from Susie. After we cleaned up all the blood and slime, Susie went out on an expedition to find her puppies. She looked indoors; in closets, shoes, around chairs, under the beds, even outdoors; under cars, in trash cans, around trees, in people’s lawns, etc. But after a while she got over it.
The next day, we named the female puppy Yoni (pronounced Joanie).After a couple of weeks, they started growing a lot of fur, sharp teeth, sharp claws, and they started growing dangerous. Susie started fighting with them after her nipples got sore because Rico & Yoni would sink their teeth into them instead of sucking them. Then, Rico & Yoni started fighting each other, but we figured they were just playing. They were fun to play with at first, but they got excessively hyperactive. I sort of liked Rico more than Yoni. Every time I try to pet Yoni, she bites me. Rico lets me rub his stomach, touch his nose, and pick him up. The only time he bites me is when we’re wrestling. I love wrestling with him, he looks funny when he tries to get me. And sometimes, when I come out the shower, he’s at the edge of the bathtub, trying to get in to get me. The only thing I need to worry about is Susie. Ever since she gave birth to her puppies, she bites everyone, even my FATHER, which is very unusual since he’s the ‘master’ and all of that. After she got tired of taking care of her puppies, we had to buy soft food for them and give them warm milk (I told my parents they weren’t cats, but they didn’t listen).

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